Spectacular Movie About Ancient China



Step 1: On your H drive, create a new folder. Name the folder: Ancient_China

Step 2: Use Google Image search to find medium to large photos about the area of Ancient China you have decided to make your movie about. All the photos must be saved in the new folder you just made: Ancient_China

Step 3. Create a new Word document. Name it: Last_First_script6K     Write out the script for your movie. Your movie may not have any narration in it if the words are not in the script. You have watched enough movies and television shows to know how a script is used.

Step 4: Show your script to your teacher to get it approved. When it is approved, start your movie.

Step 5: Create the movie. Name the file:   Last_First_china26K    
Follow these steps. 1) Create your title slide and credit slides at the beginning and end. 2) Record your narration, 3) Put in your pictures. Adjust how long your pictures run to match the script.and 4) when finished and saved in Movie Maker, save the file as a "Movie" file. When you save the file as a movie file, name it: Last_First_china36K