Google Maps Assignment 6


Select one of the following tours for you to make:

1. A tour of the 5 largest volcanoes. Click here to go to a website that gives you the names. When you make the tour, use the microphone to read one sentence for each volcano. You will say the volcanoes name, then say one thing about the volcano.

2. A tour of all 7 continents. You will go to the continent, use the microphone to say the name of the continent, then go to the next continent. Click here to see a list of all 7 continents.

3. A tour of 7 oceans or seas. You will go to the ocean or sea, say the name of the ocean or sea, then to to the next one. For a complete list of all oceans and seas, click here.

4. A tour of any 7 of the world's tallest buildings. You will go to the building, say the name (using the microphone) and tell me how tall the building is. Then go to the next building. Click here to see the list of tallest buildings.


5. Once you have recorded your tour, save it as: Last_First_tour25B   Make sure you save it on your H drive with this name.