Google Maps Assignment #5 


Recording a Tour

Step 1: Marking your "My Places" in Google Earth

1. Open Google Earth
2. Find: University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale AZ     Zoom in so it is pretty big.
3. Find Mount Everest.
5. Find Wittmann, AZ    Zoom in to Nadaburg Elementary. Right click on it and save to My Places in Google Earth.

Step 2: Recording the Tour

6. Zoom all the way out, so all you see is a small planet earth.
7. At the top of the screen, find the little camera that says "Record A Tour" when you put your cursor on it. Click it.
8. Start recording - at the same time, go to your My Places, and click on Mount Everest. Once you are there, click on the University of Phoenix in My Places. Once you are there, click on Wittmann, AZ . Once you are there, click STOP recording. Click on the disk to save the recording to Places in Google Earth. Name the recording Tour1.

9. Your tour should be about 30 seconds long. Plan ahead so you can go fast.


Step 3: Getting a Grade

9. Under My Places in Google Earth, find your Tour1.
10. Right click on it, go to Save Place As - save it on your H drive as:
                Last_First_Tour15B     (last letter changes depending on your class)