Google Earth Assignment 2

Create a new Word document. Name it:  Last_First_Google28M  (changes for your class)

Google Pedometer will calculate how far you walk (or ride a bike, etc.) Here is your assignment.
In Google Earth, find Wittmann, Arizona. Find your street address. Plan a trip from your house to a friend’s house – or the store. Use Google Pedometer to figure out how many feet it is from your house to the destination.

To get to Google Pedometer, click this link:

Once you have planned your trip, print the screen and paste it into your Word document.  Crop the image so I see only the image of your trip and the part of the screen that shows how many feet it is from your  house to your destination. Under the picture, put this sentence:
From my house to _____________  is a total of ________  feet.