Google Earth Assignment 1

Make a new Word file. Name it Last_First_Google18M (changes for your class0

Open Google Earth

Part 1
Find Wittmann, Arizona. Once you find Wittmann, find Nadaburg Elementary and zoom in on the school so it takes up most of the screen and is in focus – print the screen. If you go to Desert Oasis, you need to find Nadaburg Elementary also, because Desert Oasis doesn't show up on Google Earth yet.

Paste the Screen Print into your Word document.

Insert  (shape) a red arrow that points directly to the building we are in – make it point at the door in the front of the room. You may have to rotate the arrow to get it to point to the exact right spot.


Part 2

Find the University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Use the clock to find images that show different steps of the construction of the stadium. Use the Print Screen button to copy the screen, paste it into your Word document. Get a total of three images showing the construction : beginning, middle and end.


Note: Crop the images for this assignment so we don’t have to look at toolbars, etc. We just want to see the picture of what you are looking at.

Your word document for this assignment should have 4 images total.